The Overfire Air System

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The Steel & Alloy OFA System can be installed as part of a complete low-NOX retrofit, or subsequent to a burners-only retrofit. In use, it allows greatly improved staging of the combustion air. As a result, NOX reductions are improved, while maintaining or improving combustion performance. The Steel & Alloy OFA System can be provided either as part of a complete low-NOX retrofit, or as an enhancement to an existing installation.


The Steel & Alloy OFA System is custom-designed for each application. The design process considers a wide range of boiler and combustion parameters in order to achieve the optimum combination of port size, location, and duct arrangement. The specific configuration and layout are optimized through the use of computational or physical flow modeling.


The Steel & Alloy design is carefully matched to each application. Dampers are equipped with actuators which are integrated into the burner management system and the combustion control system.


When matched with the optional Steel & Alloy air flow measurement system, operators are provided with the utmost in flexibility for balancing and optimizing the delivery of secondary air across a wide range of operating conditions. The air flow measurement can be integrated into the plant combustion control system.

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