The Low NOx Burner System

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The Steel & Alloy Low-NOX Burner System is custom-designed for each utility and industrial application. It can be designed for installation in boilers manufactured by any major OEM. The Low-NOX Burner System is available for firing pulverized coal, light or heavy fuel oil, or natural gas; in either single or multi-fuel configurations. The Steel & Alloy Low-NOX Burner System has been proven to maintain/even improve performance and efficiency in a wide range of utility and industrial applications.


Included in the assembly are the Steel & Alloy Dual Air Register and the Steel & Alloy Low-NOX Burner. Also included in many applications is the Steel & Alloy Overfire Air System, which provides the optimum in effectiveness and flexibility (please see separate fact sheets for additional details regarding these components).

Standard equipment for many low-NOX applications includes thermocouples and air flow measurement elements. An electric actuator for the outer air dampers is standard equipment, and a manual operator is provided for the inner register. In addition, the Steel & Alloy design is fully compatible with existing oil or gas ignitors, warm-up guns, and flame scanners.


Standard equipment thermocouples can be provided with a wide range of optional instrumentation. The temperature can be locally indicated, or can be integrated into the plant’s control system


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