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The Steel & Alloy design is available in both dual and single register configurations. The single air register is often specified to improve operations. The dual air register is typically used for low-NOX retrofits, where the inner register provides controllable air to enhance staging combustion. Mechanical reliability is a characteristic of all Steel & Alloy register designs.


The Steel & Alloy design (for both the single and the dual registers) features a control ring to damper linkage design that provides superior mechanical reliability and combustion control. The ring is directly connected to each door, and acts on each door with equal force. As a result, all damper doors move together, friction is minimized, and repeatability is considerably improved. In addition to ease of operation and improved reliability, the Steel & Alloy air register gives boiler operators the capability to maintain proper control throughout the operating range.


The optional Steel & Alloy air flow measurement system provides additional capability for system balancing and optimization. Air flow measurement can be integrated into the combustion control system. Standard equipment thermocouples can be provided with a wide range of optional instrumentation. The temperature can be locally indicated or can be integrated into the plant’s control system.


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