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The roots of Steel & Alloy Utility Products, Inc. are that of a family owned and operated business with an operating history of over fifty-five years.

Steel & Alloy Utility Products, Inc. prides itself on its versatility and service-oriented atmosphere. Ownership may have changed since inception from father to son, but the desire and dedication has remained the same since 1946. With this in mind, Steel & Alloy Utility Products, Inc. brings to you its long history of knowledge, equipment, engineering, innovation, fabrication capabilities, strategic alliances and a prime location to satisfy your particular fabrication needs.

Our unique involvement of all our employees in daily business activities makes for customer awareness not found in normal customer/supplier relationships. The management by object style of managing lets our employees and management accomplish our goals of producing the best quality weldments in the market.

Steel & Alloy has seen it’s product lines change over the years. From power plants to underground coal mining equipment, and to now servicing the oil and natural gas industry, we will always find a way to evolve to the growing needs of our customers. Our versatility has been a key component of our success since 1946!

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Steel & Alloy Utility Products, Inc
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